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Transfer credits to our partner colleges

It’s the best way to complete gen ed requirements on your own schedule, and at a lower cost.

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Transferring Sophia courses for credit

Find your school using the Sophia School Search Tool

Sophia has 60+ partner schools, and over 1,000 institutions have reviewed Sophia courses for credit. Use the Sophia School Search Tool above  to see if your preferred college or university is on our list of partner schools.

Work with your advisor to ensure transferability

Your admissions or academic advisor is an asset for planning your course schedule. Consult with them to determine what courses you should take and when you should take them to ensure you’re progressing toward your degree and meeting your academic goals. Read more about your advisors here!

Transfer Sophia courses for credit to your college of choice

Once you’ve verified your transfer credits from Sophia with your academic advisor, complete your courses and earn a passing grade. Each school has different transfer policies, so discuss the process with your advisor to submit your transcripts and earn your transfer credits.


Sophia courses never expire! Once you complete a course, the course will not expire and will be available to submit for transfer whenever you're ready. When the time comes, check with your school's registrar for their transfer process.

Yes! Sophia course completions do not expire and will be available to submit for transfer when you’re ready. At that time, check with your school’s registrar for their credit transfer policies.

Absolutely! Sophia partners with 60+ colleges and universities and over 1,000 institutions have reviewed Sophia courses for credit. Once you complete a course successfully, you can request an official transcript through Parchment or Credly for ACE transcripts.

Our 60+ college and university partners have agreed to accept transfer credits from Sophia. If your school is on our list of partners, you may not need to complete additional steps to ensure your completed Sophia coursework is accepted for transfer credit. However, always check with your school’s advisor about the transfer credit policy.

Sophia doesn’t offer degree programs, so accreditation doesn’t apply. Instead, our focus is on offering convenient, affordable online courses that accredited colleges and universities may accept as transfer credits to help you earn your degree. The courses have been recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education’s Learning Evaluation Service and have been approved by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission (DEAC) for Approved Quality Curriculum (AQC) status.

Sophia offers our students three options for transcripts:

  • We can send an official Sophia transcript directly to the student’s college or university at no charge.
  • You can also access your transcript via Parchment. The process is as simple as creating a Parchment account, following the guided steps to order a transcript, and paying a small delivery fee to have the transcript sent to your school.

If the transfer school requires an official transcript from the American Council on Education, which you can access through Credly’s digital credential platform.

Anyone over the age of 13 can start and use Sophia courses to earn future transfer credits or deepen learning in a particular subject. If you’re interested in trying out college-level courses as a high school student, Sophia offers self-paced online gen ed courses for any student 13 years or older.