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In this class, students will learn how to think more critically by questioning assumptions and biases and being aware of fallacies. Students will learn to interpret and write deductive and inductive arguments and apply to real-life situations.

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Assignments & grading

This is a pass/fail course. Students are required to complete all 13 Challenges (formative assessments), 4 Milestones (summative assessments), and 1 Touchstone (project-based or written assessments) with an overall score of 70% or better.

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Learning outcomes

<p>At the end of the course, you'll be able to:</p> <ul><li>Describe critical thinking in the context of the philosophies that form and define it, and explain why it is important to making good decisions.</li><li>Recognize, analyze, and construct logical arguments in standard form as distinguished from persuasive arguments.</li><li>Analyze and assess different types of deductive arguments for validity using truth tables, proofs, and diagrams.</li><li>Analyze various inductive arguments such as statistical generalizations, causal and explanatory reasoning, problems of probability, and moral arguments.</li></ul>
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