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Sophia's Online Social Teaching and Learning Platform to be Featured at Clickers Conference 2011

MINNEAPOLIS, June 1, 2011 - Sophia Chief Operating Officer Steve Anastasi has been selected to speak about The Emerging World of Social Teaching on June 3 at the 2011 Clickers Conference. Sophia is a first-of-its-kind online social teaching and learning platform that offers academic content to anyone, anywhere, free of charge.

The Conference will explore new trends in collaborative learning and...

Sophia acquires Guaranteach and will combine the best of both platforms

Since our public launch of Sophia in March, I have been humbled and thrilled by the response from individuals like you who have become part of the Sophia community. Thank you for playing a role in building a worldwide community that connects students, teachers, tutors, parents and professionals to credible and inspiring academic content. While the school year may be concluding, our work continues. We are excited to announce that Sophia has acquired Guaranteach – a Web-based service that provides nearly 23,000 short-form videos on math topics ranging from counting to calculus that were developed by nearly 200 teachers and experts in the field. Guaranteach also offers more than 60,000 quiz questions as well as assessment tools that match tutorials to the learning style of the learner and provide student progress reports.

Sophia Does The Math, Buys Guaranteach To Boost Its Social Education Platform

[Article from TechCrunch]Sophia, which operates a free online social teaching and learning platform, this morning announced that it has acquired Guaranteach, a Web-based service that provides tens of thousands of short-form tutorials along with assessment tools to students, teachers, colleges and schools.

Guaranteach offers nearly 23,000 short-form videos on math topics ranging from counting to...

Sophia purchases online math tutoring business

[Article from Star Tribune]Online learning platform Sophia said it has purchased Guaranteach, an online math tutoring business.

Sophia CEO Don Smithmier said in a statement the acquisition will make his company become “the web’s richest resource for free, credible math tutorials ranging from basic arithmetic to college algebra” for students and teachers.

“The result will be a powerful platform...