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Students enrolled and in good standing at a Featured Partner Institution who successfully complete a transfer-eligible Sophia course and do not receive transfer credit may contact Sophia by email: or phone: 1-800-341-0327 to receive a full refund for your Sophia course fee.

A. Guarantee: If you have satisfactorily completed a transfer-eligible SOPHIA course ("SOPHIA Course") and you are a student in good standing at a Featured Partner Institution ("Partner Institution") and have been identified to the Partner Institution as a SOPHIA student, the following guarantee applies: SOPHIA guarantees that if you satisfy all the conditions stated in Section 2.B you will receive transfer credit at Partner Institution for your completed SOPHIA Course. The SOPHIA Course transfer credit will be for the specified Partner Institution course or content area as listed and matched on the webpage for that specific Partner Institution. If, after attempting to transfer your completed SOPHIA Course into a Partner Institution, the Partner Institution does not issue you transfer credit for the SOPHIA Course and you contact SOPHIA within sixty (60) days of receiving that transfer rejection, SOPHIA will refund your SOPHIA course fee. This guarantee does not include any promise that you will be granted admission to a Partner Institution or that the list of Partner Institutions will remain constant.

B. Conditions: The following conditions must be met in order to be eligible for a refund of your SOPHIA course fee:

  • You must have satisfactorily completed at least one (1) transfer-eligible SOPHIA course.
  • You must be enrolled as a student in good standing at a Partner Institution. Admissions decisions are at each Partner Institution’s sole discretion.
  • You must be attempting to transfer a SOPHIA Course to a current Partner Institution. This guarantee only applies to the Partner Institutions listed on website as of the time of transfer.
  • This guarantee only applies to the SOPHIA Courses as listed and matched with each Partner Institution’s course or content area on the webpage for the Partner Institution.
  • You must apply for the SOPHIA course fee refund within sixty (60) days of receiving notification from the Partner Institution that it will not accept transfer credit for the completed SOPHIA course.
  • You must comply with these Terms.