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Author: Rob Eubanks

Recognize benefits of having a business mentor

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, hey. Digging further into private practice this lesson. We'll address the need for and benefits of having a business mentor. We'll specifically be covering business mentorship in private practice, business mentorship benefits, how to find a business mentor.

Business mentorship can be defined as guidance from an expert member in a small business field to a junior member in a small business field. It can be beneficial to have a mentor from any small business field, because there are many similarities between small businesses. It's not common, however, to have a small business mentor in counseling who is practicing in the same area because it may cause a competition issue.

Business management and administration knowledge is typically lacking in one's educational studies in counseling, and is a prime reason to consider business mentorship. Business mentorship from someone in the field can be important, but so can business mentorship from any successful small business owner due to the knowledge about small business ownership.

A business mentor can offer insights about managing finances, creating a business plan, operating in the local market, and many other topics. Business mentorship has a lot of benefits, including helping prevent errors, increasing insight and decision making abilities, helping to confirm or challenge what the counselor is already thinking in regard to the business.

So fortunately, there are many ways to find a business mentor. Free business mentorship is available through SCORE-- Service Corps Of Retired Executives. Now it's known as Counselors to America's Small Business. Here's the SCORE website right here. SCORE offices are located throughout the United States, and counselors can search for a local chapter at the same site.

You can also go to a local business association, or the Better Business Bureau, or look for a mentor through your professional association.

Here's what we covered in this lesson. First, business mentorship in private practice. Second, business mentorship benefits. Last, how to find a business mentor.



(00:00-00:25) Introduction

(00:26-00:59) Business mentorship in private practice

(01:00-01:57) Business Mentorship Benefits

(01:58-02:38) How to find a business mentor

(02:38-02:58) Summary