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Course description

Sophia’s science lab courses are designed to be used with the accompanying lecture course, creating a robust investigation and journey into the natural sciences. It’s recommended that you complete this Introduction to Chemistry Lab course simultaneously with Introduction to Chemistry, so you fully experience the application and real-world relevance of the subject. In this course, you’ll apply the scientific method, explore phenomena, and exercise critical thinking skills using virtual lab simulations from Labster, a leader in interactive science. All labs are performed online without any need for specialized science equipment. This lab course reinforces topics from the lecture course such as the periodic table, atomic structures, chemical reactions, and organic compounds. To meet the lab requirement, you’ll be expected to write lab reports and answer formative quiz questions as you advance through the course. Important! Please plan ahead. While you can take as many Sophia courses as you’d like each month with your membership, you are only allowed to be active in two courses at a time. Taking this lab course along with the lecture course will occupy your two-course limit. This course requires a reliable internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer that meets minimum specifications.

Assessments and grading

This is a pass/fail course. Students must complete 15 Labster simulations with embedded formative quiz questions and 2 Touchstones (project-based or written assessments) with an overall score of 70% or better.

Learning outcomes

<p>At the end of the course, you'll be able to:</p> <ul><li>Understand chemical investigation, laboratory reporting, and the scientific method.</li><li>Demonstrate laboratory safety, measurements, and knowledge of the structure and properties of matter.</li><li>Explain and quantify the reactions and energy associated with matter.</li><li>Determine the foundation of chemistry as it relates to the intermolecular forces, organization, and behavior of matter.</li><li>Classify acids and bases, the major chemical cycles, pollutants, and common organic and biological molecules.</li></ul>

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