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*$365 is the average cost per credit hour at public, in-state universities in the US. The actual cost at your school may be more or less.

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This savings calculation is only an estimate based on your inputs to the tool. The estimate is based on an average of 3 credit hours per course at most institutions, the cost of Sophia’s $99/month membership, and assumes you complete one course per month with Sophia. Your actual savings may vary depending on, among other things, the number of courses you take, how long you take to complete, which membership plan you select, and the actual cost of your institution's credits.

How Sophia works

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Sign up for your free trial to get started. There’s no credit card required and no time limit to your trial. You can take courses as you wish up to the first course Challenge during your free trial.

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Sophia offers 60+ self-paced, asynchronous courses that you can complete on your own time to balance schoolwork with your other responsibilities.

Transfer your courses for credit

Complete your gen ed courses with Sophia, then work with your school’s academic advisor to transfer them for credit, Sophia has 60+ partner schools that have agreed to accept transfer credits, and over 1000 schools have reviewed Sophia courses for credit.

Why choose Sophia Learning?

Though we can think of a million reasons to love Sophia, our learners’ success is the biggest one. Students continue to rely on Sophia to realize their dream of college education, leading Newsweek to give us a five-star rating as one of “America’s Top Online Colleges and America’s Top Online Learning Providers 2024.”

Here are a few reasons why students count on Sophia:


With course completions that don’t expire, you can use Sophia to explore interests or finish your courses before you even choose your school or degree program. There’s complete flexibility to learn on your own schedule, night owls and morning people alike. If life gets crazy and you need a break, your courses will be waiting right where you left off.


Online education has made college more accessible than ever before. You can attend schools all over the world, free from geographic boundaries and commutes, all with a strong internet connection. The same is true of Sophia online courses, which you can access anytime, anywhere, and from virtually any device.


With plans starting at just $99 a month, you can choose the plan that meets your budget and goals. We understand that cost can be a barrier to education, so we strive to keep our courses affordable and accessible to all learners.


Self-paced online courses provide independent learning, but that doesn’t mean you’re without the support you need. Sophia learners have access to Learning Coaches by phone, email, or online chat, tutoring services, and more, all included with every subscription plan.

Our success is defined by your success, and with over 500,000 courses completed and $500 million in tuition saved*, we’re just getting warmed up!

*Savings based on average annual tuition at in-state, 4-year institutions, as reported by IPEDS, 2020.


Life gets busy, so the last thing you need is extra pressure with 14-day or 30-day trials. There is no time limit for the Sophia free trial. We won’t limit your time or restrict access to our courses, ensuring you have all the time you need to sample courses and see how the platform works for you. You can take as many courses as you want up to the first Challenge within the trial period.

Access the course content through the first Challenge of any of Sophia’s 50+ courses.

Check Sophia’s list of partner schools to see if your school is on the list. If not, contact your registrar to learn about your school’s transfer credit policy and if Sophia coursework can be submitted for transfer.

Sophia course completions do not expire and will be available to submit for transfer when you’re ready. At that time, check with your school’s registrar for their credit transfer policies.

If you’ve completed the first Challenge during your free trial, you can pick up right where you left off after you become a Sophia member.

Don’t worry. Your completed courses won’t disappear if you cancel your membership. Those courses will be there for you when you’re ready to submit for transfer.

If you have an education benefit through your employer, it may cover your subscription to Sophia. Check with your benefits administrator to find out if you qualify.