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FAQs about breast pumps

FAQs about breast pumps

Author: Mike Knopfler

When it comes to compiling a registry of things that need to be bought before the baby arrives, moms only want to pick the best things for their little ones. However, picking the right breast pump is not as much fun as choosing a cute music player to entertain your newborn. There are different types of breast pumps on the market, which means selecting an appropriate one can be a task itself. Therefore, we have listed down some FAQs and our answers to help you make a well-informed decision.

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1. How does a pump work?

To understand “what a good breast pump is," moms need to know how it works. A breast pump is designed to help moms with breastfeeding, and it mimics babies’ natural sucking rhythm. When an infant starts nursing, she or he sucks about 50 to 80 times per minute and then slows down. Manufacturers like Spectra, Medela, Lansinoh, or Philips Avent have done careful research to replicate this pattern and come up with best-rated breast pumps.

2. How many types of breast pumps are available on the market?

Manual breast pump

True to its name, moms need to create the suction to express milk manually by squeezing the lever. In almost all cases, hand pumps are not as efficient as electric pumps, but they are smaller, lighter, and more affordable. More importantly, since they do not include a motor, they are more affordable than their electricity-powered models. Also, since manual pumps are portable, they are the right choice when you’re away.

Electric and battery-powered breast pumps

They use batteries or electricity to run a small motor, which is used to create suction to extract milk. These pumps usually have a digital control panel to adjust the suction levels according to the moms’ body responses. There are double electric breast pumps that let moms empty both breasts at the same time, making them the top-rated electric breast pumps. We reckon working moms would find these models super convenient.


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Hospital-grade breast pumps

Hospital-grade is the most efficient type of pump that is primarily used for moms during their first month when they are still struggling with milk supply. Alternatively, hospitals use this pump for moms with medical issues, which stops them from breastfeeding their babies. Among all types of breast pumps, hospital-grade types are the most expensive, but they’re available for rent. Moms can check their insurance plans to know if they are qualified to rent this pump from their hospitals.

3. What are the essential parts of a breast pump?

All pumps consist of 3 essential parts:

a breast shield: a cup that fits over the nipple and its surrounding area

a pump to extract milk

a milk container: a bottle or bag to store milk

4. There Are single and double pumps. Is that correct?

Yes, this is correct . Most manual and battery-powered pumps extract milk from one breast at a time, thus, they’re called single. Some electricity-powered pumps are double and they can be used to express milk from both breasts at the same time. Since the latter is much more efficient for moms at work, electric breast pump reviews always mention if the models they are reviewing are single or double pumps.

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The bottom line

Before buying a breast pump, readers need to understand how one works and available models on the market first. We hope this post has provided you with the necessary information to decide which breast pump is best for them. Click share if you like this post, and feel free to leave us your comments below.

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